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What to Expect from Freight Brokerage Firms

30 Mar 2015

When a business or an individual is shipping something either across the country or internationally, they have one main goal. They want to make sure that whatever they are shipping arrives at their destination. One of the ways that they can accomplish this goal is through the use of freight brokerage firms. There are many of these firms to choose from and if all a person expects is to be able to send their shipment, it may not matter who they choose to work with.

Before committing to of these freight brokerage companies, it may be better to add a few expectations to the list of getting a shipment from point A to point B. There are several other things that should be considered to help choose the right firm to do business with.

  • Delivery dates – In addition to being able to help with the shipment, freight brokerage firms should provide specifics about when the shipment is going to be made and when it will be delivered. It is not always easy to give exact dates. It will depend on where a shipment is being sent to and how large the shipment is. International shipments require extra time to make it through customs of the countries and may require the use of shipping by sea, which is more unpredictable. A good firm will provide a range when the shipment will arrive.
  • Pick-up and delivery – Some companies will arrange for pickup and delivery to the final destination of the shipment. Others will expect the company that wants to send the shipment to arrange for these things for them. If the freight broker is making these arrangements, they should be able to provide specifics about how this will work and if there are any additional costs involved.
  • Paperwork – Freight shipping companies should make sure that all of the paperwork that is needed to process and deliver the shipment is in order. Without the proper paperwork, shipments may be delayed or may be undeliverable.

Most of these brokerage firms will say that they can handle any type of shipment and that they are the best for the job. These claims should be easy to back up. A good brokerage will have a track record of meeting their client’s expectations. They will have lists of who they have worked with in the past and will provide potential customers with references to show what they are capable of. Before entrusting a broker with a shipment, it is best to find out if they have the ability to meet the expectations that you have.