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What Type of Freight Broker Training Do You Need?

22 Sep 2014

Every day, there are tons of products being shipped to places around the world. Businesses and individuals depend on being able to get things from point A to point B. That can mean shipping items a short distance around a city, sending them across the country or delivering them around the world. Things can be shipped in several ways, including by land, sea and by air. It is even necessary to store items before they are shipped or after they have reached their destination.

All of these things can be accomplished with the help of freight forwarding companies. The companies can store and ship anything around the world. The person that helps facilitate this is often the freight broker. Not everyone can handle the role of the being a freight broker. They will need to undergo
freight broker training in order to do the job. It is a good idea to learn about this training before deciding to pursue the field.

The first thing that a person should learn is the difference between freight briers, freight broker agents and freight forwarding companies. The training for each of these is different. Good
freight brokerage training courses will differentiate between these roles.

  • Freight Broker – The freight broker is the boss and the type of training they will need is not only how to do the job of a freight broker, but also how to run a company. They will need to have property broker’s authority, they will have to have a surety bond and they will have to have freight broker agents in the different states they plan to work in. They have to know how to work with different shipping companies, understand the rules and paperwork involved in freight forwarding and be able to oversee all of the shipments they are involved in.
  • Freight Broker agents – The agents are the ones that deal with the customers and the drivers. They are the ones that do the work involved for getting freight forwarded. This is often the first type of freight broker training that most people get. They can learn the things they will oversee as a freight broker when they are an agent for another broker.
  • Freight forwarders – These are similar to the freight brokers, but unlike the brokers, the freight forwarders will actually deal directly with the shipments they are being paid to ship.

There are programs that will teach the basics of being a freight broker, but much of it will be learned through doing the work of freight forwarding.