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What’s New in Freight Shipping Services

02 Feb 2015

Not that long ago, back in 1859, the newest way to get mail delivered was by the Pony Express. Now this might sound really antiquated, but 1859 was only 155 years ago. Wagon trains and the railroad system were also reliable ways to transport items. In the last 155 years, it’s amazing the headway that has been made in the shipping industry.

Ships have always been a way to transport shipments across waterways. Shipping freight by sea has improved by larger vessels and faster speeds. Railroads have also made their cars larger and engines faster; plus the number of rails in the country has increased. Horses have been replaced by tractor trailers and other types of trucks. It isn’t hard to imagine how much more freight can be transported by a semi versus a horse. And talk about faster. A horse is no competition for a tractor trailer. Of course, the fastest way to ship freight is by air.

All of these freight shipping services get their load delivered to their destination. But even in the past 30 years improvements have been made. Engines have become more efficient and faster. Container sizes have become larger to ship larger loads. Computers have made the delivery system run almost effortlessly. Imagine 30 years ago if a trucker was looking for an address to drop off a shipment. It was hit or miss by using maps or stopping to ask directions. Now, GPS units and laptops guide that trucker right to the doorway of his destination. Freight companies use computers to route the quickest way to a customer. Using a computer will alert a driver for unexpected detours or weather concerns. Freight companies can also manage the driver’s road time with a computer, thus minimizing fines for being on the road too long. No more pushing a driver beyond a safe time behind the wheel.

Safety is always a concern when shipping products. Technology has brought many changes in how dangerous situations can be avoided. The trucks themselves are being made safer by adding safer tires and the newest seat restraints. Trucks that haul hazardous products have been redesigned to ensure the stability of the product during transport.

Yes, shipping freight services have come a long way from wagon trains and the Pony Express. Soon there will be truly automated vehicles that are programmed and can travel the highways with little or no human assistance. In 1859 all of the ways we ship freight were unimaginable. It’s exciting to try and imagine where we will be in another 155 years.