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Why Using a Freight Forwarder is the Right Way to Go

26 Jan 2016

It has never been easier to send things anywhere in the world. Businesses and individuals are taking advantage of this and are learning what the best ways to ship things are. There are plenty of different things to consider when shipping anything. The destination, the products that are being shipped, the timeliness of the delivery, the shipping companies to use and the countries that the shipments have to go through are some of the things to think about. If a business or individual is not careful, the process of shipping can become difficult.

Anyone trying to ship products around the world generally chooses from one of two options. They can turn to a shipping company that has the equipment to pick up the products and to get them from one place to another. The other choice is to turn to a freight forwarder. Freight forwarding companies do not have their own trucks, planes or ships and do not actually ever handle the product. Instead, they act as the middleman to make all of the arrangements needed to get a shipment from one place to another. There are many advantages that can be found from shipping through a freight forwarder.

  • Flexibility – A freight forwarding company has much more flexibility in arranging the shipment. They can choose the method of shipment based on cost and the speed of delivery that is needed. They usually have several companies that they work with and can pick the one that fits the needs of the customer best.
  • Paperwork – The amount of paperwork involved in shipping can be staggering. Shipments that have to travel to different countries present even more paperwork obstacles. The freight forwarding companies have the ability to manage all of the paperwork needs and can prevent any possible delays in shipping by having the paperwork ready when it is needed.
  • Cost – While it may seem like adding another person into the shipping process would increase the cost; the opposite is often true. The freight forwarders can often find the best price and can negotiate lower prices for their customers.
  • Dealing with problems – A person that has experience handling shipments can also handle the problems that can arise from missing shipments to damaged products or delays in the process. It is very helpful to have a person that knows what to do in these situations.

It should not take long to figure out that using the freight forwarders may be the best method to ship anything anywhere in the world.