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Advantages of LTL Shipping

12 Mar 2012

There are many nuances of shipping freight locally – or even nationally. With LTL (Less than Truck Load) shipping, it can get to you quicker and more conveniently than with other forms of shipping. Generally LTL freight does not weigh more than 20,000 pounds, but some can reach that limit. Parcel carriers can’t nearly hold that much in one truck. Hard pulling and trucking heavy items is common and it is what helped America become great. The logistics of it has been perfected over time and it trucking freight is as valuable as having a savings account. There are several advantages of LTL freight shipping.

  1. Quicker Delivery Time – Oftentimes with LTL the freight is received quicker than with FTL (Full Truck Loads). There are fewer logistics on which to deal and there are plenty of reasons why companies prefer LTL over other forms of transportation. There are fewer stops and there are quicker weigh-ins along the way. LTL is the one preferred by many businesses that require freight to be distributed to all parts of the country.
  2. Cost Savings – Alluded to above there are cost saving benefits to LTL shipping. It is certainly cheaper than using a FTL for shipping purposes. It is estimated that a 10 percent waste of income is spent on FTL because not every space on the vehicle is full. Good companies will have a fleet of trucks that will fit the size of your freight and save companies money along the way.
  3. Item Protection – Each item that is packed away in the truck is carefully packaged and placed so that the items are not destroyed in transit. This is actually a common problem (thus one of the reasons people prefers LTL over FTL). Trucking freight should never destroy any of the items. This is unprofessional and not very wise for future prospects.
  4. Easier to Track – With fewer items it is easier to track the transport. The law of numbers works in this case. Those that utilize LTL will enjoy the ease of tracking the transport.

Regardless of the reasoning why one needs transportation of freight, it is cost effective and much easier to use LTL freight shipping. It is reliable and it is simple to setup. Simply contact a freight company and they will do the rest. Do valuable research on good freight companies. Your business will thrive if you partner with a high quality freight company like American Freightways.