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Where to Find Quality Freight Shipping

12 Mar 2012

People ship large quantities of items all the time. They hire a freight company to handle the shipping but then typically two things happen: the freight ends up being late, or the bill is astronomically high. These are two common problems, believe it or not. There are, however, legitimate, hardworking freight shipping companies whose number one priority is your freight, not the amount of money they can put back in their pockets. The freight and courier business is quite literally the oldest profession on earth, formed on the backs of some of the hardest working individuals at the time. If you are an individual or a business there are freight shipping companies that can meet your needs – and save you money on your freighting needs. A good freight company will have three particular services:

  • LTL freight shipping – This type of shipping is most prevalent because it is one of the most common for medium- and small-sized businesses. The less than truck load shipping can consist of moving an office or moving a home to its final destination. LTL is more common than people think; undoubtedly people have seen these fleets on the road.
  • FTL freight shipping – Large amounts of freight are shipped. A full truckload is common for government or large-sized businesses that have thousands upon thousands of pounds of freight. Full truck load shipping, much like LTL, can go cross country and certainly anywhere locally and regionally.
  • Heavy Duty Load – You have seen these on the road as well. Often accompanied by an SUV that has “Oversized Load” on it, these are designated for the items that require a specific fleet such as airplane wings, mobile homes, and farming equipment – to name a few. Freight companies can handle all of these duties.

It is important as an individual or business to save money, but what’s more is that you get your freight shipped on time, every time. There is nothing more frustrating than not receiving your logistics in a timely fashion. It also looks unprofessional and not something that can be easily recovered from.

The next time you are looking for freight professionals, rely on the help from a trusted freight company like American Freightways, whose goal is to save you money and time. Putting your trust in them will go a long way in determining long-term success for your business. Your freight is safe and will arrive on time with the right company, guaranteed.