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Freight Forwarder Services Checklist

16 Feb 2023
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Small and medium-sized businesses are seeking freight forwarder services increasingly. This is thanks to e-commerce which has allowed these businesses to expand their reach. They can now sell their products and services to a far larger geographical area than was previously possible.

Engaging the right freight forwarder enables businesses to overcome what can seem like overwhelming and confusing logistical challenges in getting their products to where their clients need them. To help ensure that their shipments arrive at their required destination within the shortest time possible and at the most reasonable cost, here are a few helpful tips.

Freight forwarder services specs

The dimensions and weight of your shipment will be especially important in allowing the service provider to figure out how best to get the cargo to its destination. This information will be factored in when deciding on such issues as what kind of equipment will be required for loading and offloading, what size of the container will be needed, and what types of vehicles should be used.

Know your transportation needs

Trying to establish the logistical needs of your shipments can help in planning and coordinating with your service provider. Businesses that send out samples to clients can often use this information to guide coordination when arranging for bigger shipments down the line.

Freight forwarder services origin

Before you engage a freight forwarder, it is important to ensure you have the right geographical information as to the origin and destination of the shipment. You need to provide these very precise details so that the service provider can in turn figure out the best routes to and from those locations.

Freight forwarder services: the small print

Before you send out any shipment or even sign a contract with the service provider, you need to ensure you fully understand the terms and conditions. Failure to grasp the terms may result in unpleasant surprises like finding out you are responsible for paying duty when your goods of through customs, not the shipper.

Choose the right provider

Always research the provider you intend to engage for freight forwarder services. Never go for the lowest quote. You will need a professional provider that can meet your demands at the most reasonable cost. This means first understanding what your logistical needs are and ensuring the provider can fulfill them, even if it means seeking out bespoke services. Always aim for the best value for your money rather than the cheapest deal.