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Cost Saving Tips When Using A Car Hauler

31 Jan 2023
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Using a car hauler when you want to transport your vehicle offers several benefits. It is an effective way to avoid adding to your vehicle’s mileage as it takes the car off the road. It also helps reduce the risk of damage to your vehicle that can occur when driving it over long distances from road debris or the risk of car theft or vandalism.

Despite the extra cost that comes from engaging car movers that can provide this service, the benefits are worth it. However, it is always advisable to do what you can to limit expenses during this process.

Open trailer car mover benefits

An open trailer is less expensive than a closed one. This can be a good option, especially if you are sure that there will be no adverse weather and the car movers you are engaging with have a good record of accomplishment with minimal incidents of theft, vandalism, or other damage to shipments. Not to mention that with open trailers the shipping costs are split between the owners of the different vehicles being loaded. It is possible to find that your vehicle is the only one being transported in a closed trailer, which can become quite expensive.

Source for car hauler multiple quotes

Do not assume that the same service from different providers will come at the same price. Shopping around for quotes from different providers may allow you to find a more competitively priced deal. Some quotes will have a difference of several hundred dollars that can help boost your budget.

Be flexible on the car hauler shipping dates

If there is more room for flexibility when it comes to shipping, you may find some dates are more affordable to book than others. Let the shipper know that you are flexible and give a good range of dates they can work with to find you a spot on one of their trailers. This may guarantee a better rate though you may find yourself unable to enjoy the use of your car for some time.

Use car hauler provider terminals

Many providers do undertake pickup and delivery of client vehicles at their preferred locations. This, however, comes at an extra cost. It is easier and more affordable to deliver your vehicle to the mover’s terminal and pick it up on the other end from their closest designated terminal. It can sometimes also be safer as these trailers are not always able to maneuver safely or be accommodated on some roads. Be sure to check for any extra fees that may be included in case you cannot take delivery immediately and may need to arrange for a later pickup.