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Getting Lower Freight Quotes On LTL Shipping

17 Jan 2023
Freight Quotes
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With more businesses engaging in out-of-state and international e-commerce, less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments have become increasingly in demand. More businesses are seeking freight quotes for this service as they often find themselves needing to send out deliveries that do not fill out a standard trailer. While it may be faster to send out such consignments as a full truckload, it is too expensive, hence the need to find shippers that can accommodate more than one shipment in the same trailer, enabling the customers to share the cost. As the cost is shared, the freight rates are lower, allowing the businesses to lower expenses and make more profit off the transactions. Here are a few ways you can secure lower quotes on LTL shipping.

Shop around for better freight quotes

There are many shippers that facilitate LTL shipping from your location to your desired destination. Shop around for freight quotes from as many reputable and reliable shippers as you can to establish who is offering the most competitive deal. If you are a regular customer, you may find that simply negotiating with the shippers you usually use can yield you better deals.

Get good freight quotes by entering a contract

Entering a contract and working with the same shipper will make it easier to negotiate for better rates after a while of making regular deliveries. Relying on spot quotes whenever you want a shipment sent out will lead to higher costs. Try to find a reputable carrier and build a good business relationship and rapport that will allow you to eventually enjoy lower rates on your LTL shipping.

Prioritize density over volume when obtaining freight rates

Freight rates tend to be lower when there are more shipments in a trailer. The less space your shipment takes up within the trailer, the less you can expect to pay. You should thus do as much as you can to arrange items on your pallet in such a way as to take up as little space as possible. Consider how you are stacking and try to limit the amount of empty space on the pallet.

Be precise when requesting freight quotes

Shipping costs are pegged on the dimensions and weight of the cargo. You are required to provide accurate information on this so that shippers can better organize what combination of LTL loads can be placed in the same trailer. If you make a mistake in your measurements, it can prove costly. Providing smaller than the true measurements will mean that either your shipment or someone else’s will have to be bumped. You can be fined or otherwise charged accessorial and inspection fees for causing this inconvenience and costing the shipper money on a service they would have otherwise delivered.