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Traits of Successful Freight Brokerage Agents

07 Nov 2017

Without a doubt working as a freight brokerage agent is a lucrative career but it is not easy. Being successful in this field requires one to have the skills and technical know-how as imparted in various freight brokerage training courses. However, it is important to note that external skills should be complemented with innate personality characteristics for freight brokerage agents to make it in the industry with flying colors.

Here are the top personality traits of successful freight brokers:


Topnotch freight brokers are achievers, which means they have the need to accomplish tasks well. They are motivated to always do a good job whether everybody else is slacking. They are results-driven and will not stop until a task is done in the best possible manner. Freight brokerage agents who are achievers also set specific goals for themselves and they work hard to attain them.


Successful freight brokers are not easily overwhelmed despite the numerous tasks they have to accomplish regularly because they are strategic thinkers. This means that they have the ability to see the big picture and they can break it down into actionable tasks. As strategic thinkers, they continuously find better strategies and ways to make their job more effective and efficient.

Intrinsically Motivated

Freight brokers typically work on their own and at their own pace and because of the freedom some may tend to work lazily since nobody’s monitoring their actions. Successful brokers, however, do not need the approval of others or other external rewards to do a good job. Their passion comes from within and doing a good job is enough motivation for them.

Quick Thinker/ Problem Solver

Successful brokers are decisive and quick on their feet. They can immediately come up with solutions to issues since they have a definite goal in mind.


Freight brokers work in a fast-paced environment, which means they have no choice but to carry out several tasks at once. Successful brokers are natural multi-taskers. They thrive in a hectic and busy environment that requires them to juggle several responsibilities at the same time.

While attending various freight brokerage training courses can help aspiring freight brokerage agents to acquire needed experience and technical skills it is best to also possess the qualities mentioned above. Developing these traits will help them to be ahead of their peers and be recognized in the field in the shortest possible time.