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Learn How To Build A Profitable Business as a Freight Broker

American Freightways (AF) Freight Broker training is a ONE-DAY course that will teach you the techniques and strategies to become a successful freight broker. We have perfected our training to consistently produce “Top Earners”. Once you complete our freight broker training program, you will be on your way to a successful new career. After completion of this course, for those that are interested in becoming a freight brokerage agent for American Freightways, we offer a follow-up course that will launch your career in freight brokering.

By taking this course, you will benefit from the professional advice and mentoring from people in the business who have years of experience and who have hands on experience building a strong brokerage firm. Our mission is to create a long-lasting relationship with you and make you successful in this industry. For our agents, we serve as a coach, role model, and an adviser as they learn how to apply the skills they learned once they completed our freight broker training program.

Introduction to Freight Brokerage $795.00

A 1-Day introductory freight brokerage class instructing students about how to become a freight broker. Topics include; overview of brokerage industry, permits and authorities, sourcing customers, customer service, negotiating rates with customers and carriers, broker agent vs starting your own brokerage company. Students will learn how to deal with shippers, motor carriers and the paperwork and documentation involved in freight brokering. Focus on modeling freight rate dynamics and pricing options by becoming familiar with factors influencing freight costs, such as surcharges and company policies. Instructors address many of the issues relevant to freight rate volatility, as well as hedging and trading strategies used by freight brokers.

Freight Broker Agent Opportunity $499.00

For those interested, American Freightways offers an opportunity for those who completed our Into to Freight Brokerage Course, to start their brokerage business under American Freightways Brokerage. This includes additional training, hands on support with our Transportation Management Systems (TMS), prospecting clients, setting rates, scheduling loads and an in-depth understanding of brokering techniques.

April 2017 Southern, CA

April 25, 2017 / Rancho Bernardo, CA

June 2017 Northern CA

Date /Site name and location TBD

July 2017 Nevada /Utah

Date /Site name and location TBD

August 2017 Texas/Oklahoma

Date /Site name and location TBD

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