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Watch Out For the 6 Essential Components of a Freight Forwarder

30 Nov 2012

There are a few legitimate components that distinguish an effective freight forwarding company, or a freight forwarder from other under-performing and average firms. However, before discussing those vital elements, it is important to know why businesses need freight forwarding service. An example is if you are a manufacturer who wants to transport its products to a certain destination outside the country, so your client-base can be expanded.

The process of shipping freight to foreign country isn’t easy. It requires thorough understanding of cargo shipping laws, rules and procedures. Proper documents need to be prepared for custom clearance and delivery of products. To prevent loss from mishap or any other reason, you need to get insurance coverage before shipping your freight, be it across or outside the country.

If you are a retailer, you may order stock from many different manufacturers across the globe. In this case, you need to make sure that the products arrive on time and that they are not damaged. Arranging a reliable means of transportation, dealing with the loading and unloading of freight and many other things involved isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. And this is when a freight forwarder like American Freightways comes into the picture.

Consider the 6 points listed below while hiring a cargo freight shipping company:

  1. A Multimodal Paradigm
    Freight shipping needs of two different businesses are never the same. And thus, the company should offer multiple options to get your products to their destination. This will help you choose the most efficient and effective way of shipping your goods. A multi-modal paradigm is very crucial component of a good forwarding logistic company. The company should offer a shipping option by air, rail and land. The mode of transportation is determined based on the type of freight, delivery date, destination and your budget.
  2. Documentation
    Preparing the necessary documents is the next most important task in cargo shipping. This requires specific expertise and experience. Of course, it is the shipper’s job to get ready with these papers. But a good freight forwarder offers assistance and sometimes handles the process from the scratch. If the documents are correct in the first place, this will ease the shipping process and quicken the delivery.
  3. Freight Insurance and Claims
    The forwarding company you deal with should offer an insurance option for the shipment. It is unusual, but accident may happen at any time causing damage to goods. Insurance will ensure that such accidents don’t harm you financially. Good freight forwarding companies usually have a streamline and easy process of insurance.
  4. Customs Clearance
    This is another crucial job done by a logistics company. Whenever you ship goods at an international level, your shipment needs to pass through customs. If you’re not backed by expert guides, this process may turn out to be very expensive and time-taking. A freight forwarder with ample experience is aware of all the customs rules across the world and it also thrives on established relationships with customs brokers.
  5. Loading and Unloading
    Regardless if you are shipping crockery or mechanical parts, it’s significant to learn that the warehouse team is well-trained and skilled for loading and unloading many different types of consignments. A well-established forwarding company has a standard procedure defined in their work paradigm for loading and unloading goods.
  6. Track It!
    Most of the freight shipping companies offer round the clock and real-time shipment tracking option to know where your shipment has reached at the current time.

So, when the next time you look for a freight forwarding company, take into account the 6 components jot down above.